Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Promax S 60

Easy Maintaince

Suitable To Work Under Hard Conditions

Able To Heat Isolate Under Geographical Conditions (-30+65)

Promax Star Stationary Concrete Batching Plants, ready-mixed concrete production and concrete pouring at construction sites are preferred for very long. Capable of producing all kinds of concrete, stable and running smoothly, replacement parts-service trust that the superior quality of the first preference of the professional users.

To perform the installation of the power plant land; customer needs, countries are projected based on the nature and conditions of the campus. Promax Star Stationary Concrete Batching Plants protect the environment, offers the ability to use without harming the environment and the people.

Aggregate Hopper

Aggregate Weghing Belt Conveyor

Mixer Feeding Belt Conveyor

Cement Weghing Hopper

Water Weghing Hopper

Additve Weghing Hopper

Aggregate Collecting Hopper

Concrete Mixer - Compressor

Control Cabin

Cement Silo

Cement Screw Conveyor

Silo Top Filter

Plant Capacty
Compacted Concrete Capacity  60 m³/h
Air Compressor
Capacity (Welded or Bolted) 1400 - 1210 lt/dk.
Working Pressure 7-8 bar
Motor Power 37 kW
Mixer Specifications
Mixer Type Panmikser - Single Shaft
Dry Capacity 2000 lt
Mixer Capacity 1000 lt
Motor Power 37 kW
Cement Silo
Capacity ( Welded or Bolted) 75-100-150-200-500 ton
Sib Quantity 1,2,3,4 adet
Aggregate Hopper
4 Bins 4 x 20 = 80 m³
Bunker Grid  
Aggregate Weighing Belt
Width 800 mm
Length 11500 mm
Motor Power 15 kW
Load Cell 4 x 5000 kg
Mixer Conveyor Band
Width 800 mm
Length 24000 mm
Motor Power 22 kW
Aggrate Weighing Group 3000 kg
Cement Weighing Group 550 kg
Water Weighing Group 400 lt
Additives Weighing Group 40 kg
Cement Silo And Screw Conveyor
Diameter 219 mm
Length 7000 mm
Motor Power 11 kW
Silotip Qadar  
Clamp - Manual Lever  

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