Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Promax M 120

High Efficient And Duplicate Production

Easy Transportation

Minimum Investment Field Groundwork

Quick Installation

Fast installation, as soon as possible to start production advantage and with minimum infrastructure requirements Promax Star Mobile Concrete Plants professional solution for temporary needs. Relying on short-term construction projects, the world's leading companies in the contractor uses a compact design, easy to carry from one place to quickly and Promax Star Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, developed as a result of long-term R & D efforts, highly engineered products.


Promax Star Mobile Concrete Plant 60 m³ / h to 120 m³ / h capacity to produce concrete; mobile products have changed the habit of low production capacity, and the capacity of the hard mobilzasyon advantage of the power of combining plants in to competitors.


Aggregate Hopper

Aggregate Weghing Hopper

Aggregate Transfer Belt Conveyor


Water Weghing Hopper

Cement Weghing Hopper

Concrete Mixer

Addtive Tank

Water Tank

Cab Control and Automation System

Cement Silo

Cement Silo Spiral

Mobile Feedback Unit

Plant Capacty
Compacted Concrete Capacity 120 m³/h 
Mixer Specifications
Mixer Type Twin Shaft
Dry Capacity 4500 lt
Mixer Capacity 3000 lt
Motor Power 2 x 55 kW Single
Cement Silo
Capacity ( Welded or Bolted) 75-100-200 ton
Sib Quantity 1,2,3,4 adet
Air Compressor
Capacity (Welded or Bolted) 1400 lt/dk.
  Working Pressure 7-8 bar
Motor Power 7.5 kW
Aggregate Hopper
4 Bins 4 x 25=100 m³
Mixer Conveyor Band
Width 1000 mm
Length 16000 mm
Motor Power 22 kW
Aggrate Weighing Group 6600 kg
Cement Weighing Group 2000 kg
Water Weighing Group 1000 lt
Additives Weighing Group 40 kg
Cement Silo And Screw Conveyor
Diameter 273 mm
Length 10000 mm
Motor Power 15 kW
Silotip Qadar  
Clamp - Manual Lever  
Safety Valve

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